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Sekondi-Takoradi Diocese Celebrates World Day of the Sick

Sekondi-Takoradi Diocese- The 32nd World Day of the Sick was marked with solemnity and compassion as Most Rev. John Baptist Attakruh, Bishop of the Sekondi-Takoradi Diocese, led the launch under the theme 'It is not good that man should be alone' Healing the sick by Healing Relationships.

The event, held today, Thursday, February 15, 2024, at the **Holy Child Catholic Hospital** in Fijai, witnessed a gathering of Priests, healthcare workers from the **Jubilee Catholic Hospital** in Apowa and Fijai, board members, and other stakeholders in health.

During the Eucharistic celebration preceding the launch, Bishop Attakruh emphasized the Church's mission to reach out to the sick, citing Jesus' healing ministry as an inspiration. He highlighted the Diocese's commitment to providing quality healthcare, boasting four hospitals and five clinics spread across the region.

Addressing healthcare workers, Bishop Attakruh stressed the importance of love and care in the healing process, urging them to create nurturing environments in their families and extend that love to their patients. He emphasized their calling to be instruments of God's healing mission.



Reflecting on the theme, Bishop Attakruh echoed Pope Francis's call for compassion and solidarity in caring for the sick. He urged caregivers to provide not only physical care but also emotional and psychological support, emphasizing the value of choosing life amidst societal challenges.


In his remarks, Rev. Fr. Francis Atta Aidoo, Director of the Catholic Health Service Trust of the Diocese, cautioned against discrimination and urged staff to prioritize patient care above all else. He called for a culture of accountability, respect, and professionalism to ensure the success of healthcare services.

Dr. Pius Mensah, Metro Health Director of Sekondi-Takoradi, praised the Catholic Health Service Trust for its contribution to quality healthcare in Ghana, emphasizing the divine significance of healthcare. He encouraged healthcare workers to approach their profession with passion and empathy.

The celebration included the reading of the Pope's message by Very Rev. Fr. Francis Lemaire, the Vicar General, and a visitation and blessing of the sick by Bishop Attakruh and other Priests.

Mr. Valentine Ziem, Administrator of the Holy Child Catholic Hospital Fijai, expressed gratitude to all attendees and urged them to partake in the meaningful program.


The Most Rev. John Baptist Attakruh, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sekondi-Takoradi on Thursday, January 11, 2024 ordained five young men as transitional deacons call to them to be effective in action, active in ministry and constant in prayer.

The celebration which took place at St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Tarkwa brought together the Clergy, the Religious, the Laity and some Traditional leaders marking the solemn ceremony very colourful.

Delivering the homily on behalf of the Bishop, Very Rev. Fr. Francis LeMaire, the Vicar General of the Diocese identified three categories of of the Sacrament of the Holy Orders as the episcopate, presbyterate and diaconate pointing out that the diaconate is category three.

He reminded the Deacons that though their position as deacons is transitory but their work as deacons is not transitory pointing out that their work is the basic work of the Bishop and the Priests.

Fr. LeMaire noted that the Ordinandi have been groomed & nurtured through their formation emphasizing that by imposition of hands and prayer, they will be empowered to serve the people of God. He added that the imposition of hands and prayer come with the character of readiness to serve, stressing that they will perform duties for the Bishop Priests and all the faithful, emphasizing the important role deacons play.

Fr. LeMaire noted that responding to the call of God is becoming more challenging as a result of materialism and selfishness underscoring the importance of Humility and Service.

He lamented that humility is no longer attractive in our world today as a result of quest for power emphasizing that humility and service will make them great.


He urged the Ordinandi to be men of prayer, be facilitators, urging them not to hesitate to call for back up from fellow priests, prayer warriors, experts, benefactors as they attend to the needs of the people.

The Vicar General also appealed to the laity to continue to support the Diocese in the training of her seminarians by contribution generously through the seminary fundraising project.

The newly ordained deacons are Reverends Kyereboah Cosmas, from Aboadze, Hermans Maxwell, from Tarkwa Banso, Sarfo Alexander, from Asankra Bremang, Coffie Emmanuel, from Asankra Bremang, Adabra Hope Kelvin from Shama.

Earlier in a welcome address, Very Rev. Fr. Michael Owusu the Parish Priest heartily welcomed the Bishop and all present stressing that with the ordination, the deacons will become the eyes and hands of the Bishop in ministering to the needs of the poor. He thanked the Bishop for the choice of the Parish as the venue for the ordination describing it as historic.

On behalf of his colleagues, Rev. Emmanuel Coffie expressed appreciation to the Bishop for ordaining them. He thanked their formators, families, parishes and all those who joined them to celebrate in their joy with prayers, counsel and their resources both human and financial.

The celebration ended with the blessing on a newly built adoration chapel for the Parish.


NUHOPSA Celebrates 50 Years of Sisterhood at Biennial Conference

The National Union of Holy Child Past Students Association (NUHOPSA) marked its 50th anniversary with a biennial conference held at the Holy Child College of Education from January 26th to 28th, 2024.


Under the theme, "Celebrating 50 years of sisterhood: A strong Association, two strong institutions," the event brought together past students of Holy Child School and College to reflect on their contributions to the schools' development and discuss the way forward.

NUHOPSA, comprising alumni from both institutions, aims to foster unity among former students and support the growth and welfare of Holy Child School and College. Over the past five decades, the association has played a pivotal role in ensuring the continuity and prosperity of both educational institutions, emphasizing the importance of quality education.

Dignitaries in attendance included Very Rev. Fr. Lemaire, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Sekondi Takoradi, Madam Georgina Ellen Mensah, NUHOPSA president, Madam Magdeline Apenteng, chairperson of the event and headmasters of St. Mary's and Fijai Senior high School, as well as representatives from other educational institutions and the Regional manager of Catholic schools for the Western and Western North Regions, Mr. Emmanuel K. Salia.


Mrs. Theresa Naana Dadzie delivered the keynote address, tracing the history of Holy Child School and the College's establishment with the support of the Society of Holy Child.



She highlighted the guiding principles and values instilled by the sisters, including humility, simplicity, obedience, discipline, and honesty, which have shaped generations of women in Ghana and beyond. Mrs. Dadzie urged current students and alumni to uphold these values in their daily lives, emphasizing their significance in their personal and professional growth.


In his address, Very Rev Fr. Francis K. Lemaire highlighted the holistic education imparted by Holy Child Senior High School and Holy Child College of Education and further referenced it as the source of the achievements of past students across various professions. The Vicar General emphasized the importance of nurturing students not only for academic success but also for moral development.

The conference provided a platform for NUHOPSA members to discuss various projects initiated by year groups and individual alumni, as well as to celebrate their collective achievements over the years. Through collaborative efforts and a shared commitment to the school's mission, NUHOPSA continues to strengthen the bond among Holy Child past students and contribute to the legacy of quality education established by the institutions.

The 21st Biennial Conference saw the election of the following executives for a two-year term:

- President: Sister Rosina Brew

- Vice President: Sister Mary Brown

- Secretary: Sister Antoinette Matiki Otibo

- Financial Secretary: Sister Grace Mawuena Agbenu

- Treasurer: Sister Mavis Aku Bor Kunoo