As a canonical requirement, the department of Social Communication was created to be the mouth piece of the diocese to communicate with the rest of the world in same year the diocese was created.

As a department, we cover and report all official diocesan events/celebrations to the print and electronic media. We also provide and manage public address systems for all diocesan outdoor liturgical celebrations. Periodically, we present pre-recorded message of the Local ordinary on special occasions like Christmas and Easter on one of the local radio station, Twin City Radio.

In addition the department runs radio programmes on the doctrines and social teachings of the Catholic Church on the same Local radio station. We organise and run short courses and seminars on basic communication skills and the art of public speaking. In future, the department hopes to produce more audio visual educative documentaries on the doctrines and social teachings of the church for rural evangelization


We will Focus Catholic priesthood in a bit to promote vocation to the priesthood as the universal church celebrates the year for the Priests.